The Mission of the Perdido Beach Volunteer Fire Department:

To operate and maintain a volunteer fire department to protect residents of Perdido Beach and any additional coverage area as adopted by Perdido Beach Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated and to offer mutual aid to the adjacent departments.

The department’s objective shall include but not be limited to the following objectives;

To prevent or suppress all fires in the corporation’s coverage area, to save lives, to aid in disasters, to administer first aid, to promote public safety services as are deemed reasonable and practical by its members 

Services Provided


Fire Fighting

We provide fire protection services for the Town of Perdido Beach and the surrounding areas of Baldwin County. We also provide mutual aid to 3 neighboring departments on various types of fire calls.


EMS Services

We provide Basic Life Support Response to our jurisdiction and provide back-up for other fire departments. Our EMTs and first responders arrive on scene prior to the ambulance and start patient care. Our rescue unit is equipped with a Lucas III CPR device and any medical equipment needed to provide BLS care.

Marine 35

Water Rescue & Fire Protection

Marine 35 is equipped for water rescue, providing BLS care on the water and firefighting. We respond to Palmetto Creek, Solder Creek and sections of Perdido Bay.  We also have a Yamaha Waverunner in service for rapid response to the scene.

More Services Provided


Baldwin County Fire Chief's Tanker Task Force

We are proud to be one of many departments that participate in the tanker task force. Designed to provide large quantities of water large fires, this group brings fire equipment from all over Baldwin county to the scene. 


Hurricane Prepardness

Prior to Hurricane Ivan in 2004 PBFVD developed an extensive hurricane prepardness plan. We proactively work with the Town of Perdido Beach, Baldwin County EMA and other surrounding agencies once a tropical system enters the Gulf Of Mexico. This includes keeping our residents informed and  safe before and after the storm.


Prefire plans

The fire department conducts regular visits to all the commercial structures in our jurisdiction and prepares  Pre-Fire Plans that are accessible to fire units on scene through an App on our I-Pads. We will also do a pre-fire plans of a residence or property if an owner requests it. This allows us to note hazards such as buried propane tanks, septic systems and other utility locations.